Alleged attacks actor johnny Depp on his ex-wife amber heard was called “deep misogyny”, said the lawyer edition of the Sun Sasha wass. About it writes The Guardian.

It is noted that all of Depp’s words about respect for women is questionable because of his correspondences. In the texts, the actor uses sexist and rude remarks about women, including about his ex-wife, actress Vanessa Paradis, said wass. She called Depp “hopeless addict” who “just went crazy”.

The lawyer also added that the actor “spent his life surrounded by aging men with drug and alcohol abuse”, and when married to heard, there was a “clash of cultures and generations”.

Currently, Depp is suing British tabloid The Sun. The actor says that in 2018, the newspaper posted a slanderous article accusing him of physical and psychological violence against ex-wife — actress and model amber heard.

Johnny Depp and amber heard were married in February 2015. In may 2016, the actress has filed for divorce, and then announced that her husband beat her. Depp later filed a lawsuit against Hurd and demanded 50 million dollars for an article where she calls herself a victim of domestic violence. The actor stressed that her statement is untrue. In February 2020, the network leaked the conversation of the stars, in which the actress confessed to beating ex-husband.