Owner and editor in chief of the Ural Agency “FederalPress” Ivan Eremin became the sole owner of the newspaper “Vedomosti” and is planning a regional expansion of the newspaper. Constantine Zyatkov, who led the deal since March, in the end it was not included.Holding “Arkan investment” controlling shares and debentures “Business news Media” (BNM, publisher of the “Bulletin”), announced the closing of the sale of shares and assets of BNM JSC “Support” in the person of its founder Ivan Yeremin said in their joint statement. What debt BNM got Ivan Eremin, his representative said.””Vedomosti” — the unconditional sample quality journalism, publishing with its history, with tradition, with loyal audience. These traditions are important to preserve, and the audience — to expand and grow, including through active regional expansion. You also need to focus on increasing the efficiency of business processes. I am sure that our experience creating independent media and long-term management of assets can be useful in addressing these issues that will strengthen the position of publications in the Russian media market”,— says Ivan Eremin, quoted in the message.Photo:Константин Zyatkov, who led the negotiations for the purchase of “sheets” with Demyan Kudryavtsev, in the end did not participate in it. “Coalition and a large number of participants is not what is required for an asset in times of market crisis. Ivan Eremin has signaled that it is ready to acquire the asset, but not ready to participate below a controlling stake. After studying the publication “Vedomosti”, I realized that at the current time participation in the project with a share less than the control will be ineffective,” reads the statement of Mr. Zyatkov on the website of his newspaper “Version”.In March, the owners of BNM, Demyan Kudryavtsev and its partners Vladimir Voronov and Marty Pompadur, has announced a preliminary agreement on the sale of Newspapers to two customers: Konstantin Zatkova and managing Director of Arbat Capital Alexey Golubovich. In late April, Mr Golubovich came out of the transaction due to a conflict version with the new acting editor-in-chief Andrew Sarofim. Then Constantine Zyatkov began to look for a new partner and one of the first to receive the offer of Ivan Eremin, he says.Andrey Shmarov told “Kommersant” that the job offer made to him by Constantine Zyatkov on the initiative of Alexei Golubovich, with which they are familiar. Alexey Golubovich is not confirmed: according to him, they did not communicate with Mr. Sarofim for a long time. Neither selling nor buying party is not willing to take responsibility for the appearance in the editorial of Mr. Shmarova and resolving editorial conflict: constant editor-in-chief shall appointü the Board of Directors, which is the period of the transaction dissolved.A new Board of Directors of BNM will be created in the near future, the report said the new owner of the newspaper. The representative of “tech Support” told “Kommersant” that discuss the editor prematurely: mister Eremin has followed the development of the conflict for publications in the media, he just bought a newspaper and he has yet to meet with the editorial Board.Meanwhile, the editors of “Vedomosti” published a column about the emergence of a new owner. “The emergence of the shareholders “Vedomosti” the person steering the Agency “FederalPress”, which, according to the website of public procurement, is actively cooperating with the authorities and private institutions engaged in “the preparation and publication of materials in the interests of the customer”, we can not disturb,”— said in an editorial column.May 12, Vedomosti, Forbes, The Bell and “Medusa” released the investigation, which reported that the debt on the loan, brought by Demyan Kudryavtsev to buy “Vedomosti”, in 2017, moved to owned Rosneft, RRDB Bank. Later in an interview with TV channel “Rain” Mr Kudryavtsev said that this loan was repaid a few months ago, and brought it to buy other assets (EID Premium Publishing, formerly known as Independent Media), but the purchase did not happen, then the partner of Mr Kudryavtsev Dmitry Bosov refinanced its debt, moving it from Gazprombank in the RRDB. Buy “Vedomosti” cost Demyan Kudryavtsev and its partners in €13 million, he said on “Rain”.Ivan Eremin — owner and chief editor of the information Agency “FederalPress”, operating in several regions. Previously, he founded, together with aksanov Panova regional site “”. On the website “FederalPress” States that since 2013, Mr. Yeremin is an expert of the Open government of the Russian Federation in 2013-2017 was a member of the public Council of the Investigative Committee for the Sverdlovsk region and the diplomas awarded by the different authorities.Anna Afanasyeva