Former police officer arrested in the case of the African-American George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis soon after the arrest, accused of manslaughter.

On Friday, may 29, said the local Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman. The broadcast was carried out on his page in Facebook.

“I Want to announce that former police officer Derek Covin in custody He was charged with murder in the third degree (reckless Homicide — Ed.) and manslaughter,” said the Prosecutor.

According to Freeman, against three other former officers who were present at the scene of the incident, is still being tested.

the Prosecution, as the Prosecutor noted, brought in a record time, as usual in such situations, it takes a few months.

Earlier it was reported that Covina arrested. He pressed on the neck of a detainee, a 46-year-old Floyd knee, after which he died in the intensive care unit.

After the incident in Minneapolis for several days into the protests.

on may 27, four officers who participated in the arrest of the now deceased men were dismissed. They argued that planned to delay sitting in the car of a citizen who allegedly was drunk, but he began to resist. However, eyewitnesses have circulated on the Internet a video, which shows that Floyd did not resist police and was in handcuffs, and during the application of a strangles repeatedly complaining that he can’t breathe, and then ceased to give life signs.

In connection with the riots, authorities in Minneapolis had to declare a state of emergency. The US President Donald trump may 29 sent to the city’s more than 500 national guard soldiers, called the mayor of the city of Jacob Frey is weak.