To run advance procurement of vehicles in 2020, the government presubsidy lost income of banks, which will provide for this purpose borrowed money at 0%. We are talking about the funding of deliveries this year to the Federal authorities and state-owned companies 33 thousand cars in the amount of not less than 70 billion rubles., for which funds without the use of the proposed tool is foreseen from 2020 to 2022. The government subsidizes the rate to a maximum of 6.45%.The Ministry has published a draft of the program of subsidizing the banks lost income on loans and factoring agreements for the advanced procurement of vehicles. The document was developed on behalf of the President to provide additional tools to support procurement equipment in 2020-2022 years, as well as compensation for the expense of the Federal budget of the interest on loans taken, if necessary, for the purpose of financing of deliveries of the equipment. It was about the support of state corporations, state companies and business companies, whose authorized capital the share of participation of the Russian Federation, in aggregate, exceeds 50%.Payment according to contracts for the supply of equipment will be carried out in the years 2020-2022, depending on the period in which this procurement was earmarked. The possibility of execution of supply contracts in 2020 automakers will be provided with loans and financing through factoring contracts received in authorized financial institutions at a concessional rate.Loans or financing under factoring agreements, the programme will be given precisely for the purpose of execution (implementation) of agreements for the supply of vehicles or provision of pledge of rights of requirements on monetary obligations arising under supply contracts vehicles. The document stipulates that a credit institution shall have a credit rating not below “A-(EN)” or “ruA-” to be or commercial organization in the Charter capital of which not less than 90% of shares owned by a Russian credit institution.The indicator of assessment of efficiency of granting of grants will be the issuance of Bank loans or financing via factoring agreements not less than the quantities scheduled at the conclusion of the agreement on granting a subsidy. When every ruble of subsidies received, the credit institution shall provide funding in the amount of not less than 15,5 RUB It turns out that the rate before the subsidy must be higher to 6.45%.Purchased equipment must meet the requirements of the 719-th resolution on localization. For access to procurement in 2020, automakers are required to score at least 2 thousand points for cars and light commercial vehicles, and trucks, not less than 1.7 thousand points for buses. Welding and painting (minimumconditions, which consisted of SPIK in the automobile segment) give the automakers just 900 points.Olga Nikitina