TV presenter Olga Buzova once again became a target for jokes and criticism. This time the star of “House-2” decided to conduct a tour for members in Moscow and made a horrible mistake.

In his Instagram, the presenter showed a trip by boat on the Moscow river. She decided to talk about what he sees, and correctly listed almost all the sights. But at the sight of St. Basil’s Cathedral she made a blunder.

“It’s spilled Blood!” she said.

By the way, Olga is a native of St. Petersburg. In this connection, many did not believe that people do not know that this her attraction is in her hometown, not on red square in Moscow. However, there were also many who condemned Olga for her ignorance.

Producer Valery Komissarov has repeatedly said that Buzova – smart girl, but she’s got the role of naive nice person, which is not lucky in love. One way or another, but mistakes Olga are very popular and raise its rating.