Italian authorities announced on Saturday that the country would open its borders next month. The government hopes to remove from 3 June and also the need for everyone entering the country to spend 14 days in isolation.

In Rome, thus hoping to revive came in frustration after several months of quarantine, national tourism brings 13% of the country’s GDP. It should be borne in mind that the unilateral opening of Italian borders may stumble upon a wall of misunderstanding on the part of other EU members. And in General, while, apparently, speech can go only about opening borders with other EU countries, and the removal of restrictions on crossing the external borders of the EU speech does not go yet. So it is unlikely that Russian tourists will be able soon to get into the coveted Italy. Moreover, the borders of our country while too shut because of the pandemic. However, holders of dual citizenship and residence permit in other countries gave the right for a single (important to remember!) exit from the Russian Federation. Therefore, for this category of citizens, apparently, the tours will be not so easy mission.