Doctors and nurses in Russia, complain of severe conditions. Here and in Chechnya on the day the doctors massively protested, saying that they have no protective equipment, of this.

Then, as in Chechnya and expected, they warmly apologized. Said that the mistake that all they have. (Someone from the Chechen doctors died, someone fired, but it’s not relevant.)

Around the fatal statistics are continuously medical debate and diplomatic scandals. Take active part in our government officials, diplomats, MPs and damned fifth column.

…From foreign policy venture to go to the inside. Official data show that since may 12, in Chechnya, no one dies. As there were 9 dead bodies, and left. There’s almost no one gets sick. May 12 was 359 cases, and the 17th — 354 (became less because it began to recover faster).

Comparison for Moscow is not very pleasant. Ill in Moscow 143 thousand, were cured 27 500 — less than one fifth. And in Chechnya from 943 patients were cured 580 — considerably more than half.

Why Chechnya is so much better? The mountain air? eating the right food? strict religious observance? — we do not know what and how affects the health of reasonable people (homo sapiens).

Here’s one study that we have just had without the help of doctors, Riot police, FSB and the damned fifth column. In 2016, hosted the most recent State Duma elections. United Russia (the ruling party) received in Moscow of 37.7%, and in Chechnya the same party on the same day received 96,3%.

Now compare the statistics of deaths statistics of the people’s love to the authorities. Obvious: who is behind Putin and Ramzan — and that doesn’t hurt. Almost. However, Chicks hatched. And not only broilers.

To date, not shown the readers something unique, we recall one typical story that happened in 1938. there was an open public trial is “anti-Soviet right-Trotskyist bloc”. More than 20 defendants (starting with extremely important figures: Bukharin, Rykov, Yagoda and others, ending with the doctors) accused of “treason, sabotage, sabotage, preparation of terrorist acts and armed overthrow of Soviet power”. All of them were sentenced to death and shot, and 20 years later pardoned, but it was too late. But today we are interested in is one incident that happened in the process.

Before the Prosecutor Vyshinsky, began the interrogation of the accused, the presiding judge asked each two questions. First, each individual was asked whether he wished to have counsel, and each answered “no.”

Then each individual was asked the question: “how do you plead to the charges placed on you?” Bukharin: Yes. Rykov: Yes. Berry: “Yes“. Krestinsky: “I plead not guilty. I never would�� party right-Trotskyist bloc, the existence of which I was unaware. I have not committed any of those crimes which are imputed to me personally”.

It was a shock. The presiding judge tried to reason with Krestinskiy, but he rested. The survey continued. All the others pleaded guilty.

Then the Prosecutor Vyshinsky spent a lot of effort to cross examination to catch Krestinsky into a trap and forced to confess.

VYSHINSKY. So, in the consequence you gave a wrong testimony?

KRESTINSKY. I said that my testimony is not true.

VYSHINSKY. And yesterday, when you were questioned, you said that they are true. When I was interrogated during the preliminary investigation, you told me the truth? (Before publishing the “Truth” and “Izvestia” from the record, for obvious reasons, struck out the words “when I questioned you,” but the rough draft is preserved in the archive. A. M.)

KRESTINSKY. No. At the preliminary investigation I gave false readings, gave them involuntarily.

this torture lasted a long time, then Vyshinsky gave up and started to interrogate the other. It was in the first half of the day on March 2. And the next day, March 3, in the evening (after 18.00):

VYSHINSKY. I have a question for Krestinsky: what do you mean your last statement, which is not otherwise consider as a Trotskyist provocation on the process?

KRESTINSKY. Yesterday, under the influence of minute acute sense of false shame, caused by the atmosphere of the dock and a heavy impression from the announcement of the indictment, aggravated my painful condition, I am unable to tell the truth, not been able to say I did it. And instead say — Yes, I’m guilty, I almost mechanically answered, no, not guilty.

VYSHINSKY. Automatically?

KRESTINSKY. I was the face of world public opinion to tell the truth, I was all the time the Trotskyist struggle. I ask the court to fix my statement that I fully plead guilty of all the gravest charges brought against me personally.

Before the publication in the Newspapers “Pravda” and “Izvestia” the protocols of the rules personally tov. Stalin. And in this place to the recognition of Krestinsky, he ordered to add: “I recognize myself as entirely responsible for the perfect my treason and treachery”. Because Russian language Stalin was still not quite native, he obviously didn’t understand what cheating and betrayal are synonyms, it seemed to him that additive compounding.

the Purpose of this extensive quotation from the political process 82-year-old, of course, no story of the Great Terror. We just wanted to show what an amazing meaning and��elasticheskoj accuracy coincide with the statement Krestinsky’s statement today of physicians in the North Caucasus about how they were wrong as everything needed of them is how they are guilty before society and the government of the Republic.

the Magnitude of errors originating from selfless Patriotic desire to please superiors is boundless. After the State Duma elections in December 2011 on the TV show interesting information: in the Rostov region voted 146% of voters in the Voronezh 129%, and in Sverdlovsk — 115%. Then it was the subject of obscene jokes, and then forgotten, and no one was punished for this lie. And now will not be punished. And in the upcoming election and voting — is not punished. Important: to lie in the right direction.