In Nizhny Novgorod nearing the end of the big story of the theft of link supersonic fighter-interceptor MiG-31. Accused ex-official rosrezerva Andrey Silakov detained after he spent in hiding for nine years. According to investigators, Silyakov helped some associated with the firm to acquire combat vehicles, and the cost of each fighter were reduced to 1.6 million times. Every Moment is 250 million rubles were purchased for only 153 of the ruble. In the end the interceptors returned to the manufacturer, the former official, who is convinced of his innocence, would almost certainly have to spend many years behind bars. Details a high-profile case figured out “”.

Fighter on the price of a pack of cigarettes

Incredible story Scam link supersonic fighter-interceptor MiG-31 began in late 2006. At that time Andrei Silyakov worked in the regional office of the reserve head of the Department of petroleum products, fuel, industrial goods and materials. The duties of the officer, among others, included the control over the storing and accounting of military strategic reserve of the country.

However, their work Silyakov came a very peculiar way: for example, according to the investigation, he was able to sell for a pittance of 35 thousand tons of fuel oil which was kept in the Avtozavodskaya TPP. Quality fuel official sold as substandard, causing damage to the state in the amount of 315 million rubles.

In 2009 the regional officer of the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia will finally pay attention to this strange transaction, which will lead Silakova on the dock. Later, during the investigation of fraud with heating oil, it will reveal the main Scam official — sale fighter wing.

Machines (or rather, gliders — hull without engines, but with the Aviapark) came to Silakova: he was instructed to cancel reservation for sale of the objects of the military strategic reserve of the country. A list of two thousand names have been encrypted, it is under-defined codes were four MiG-31 that were stored at the Nizhny Novgorod aircraft plant “Sokol”.

Plant with pre-emptive right to purchase were planned to take part in the contest, to buy fighter jets from the stock, and then sell them to one of the Arab countries at the market price — 250 million rubles per unit. However, Andrei Silyakov was quicker. The fact that under certain codes hidden in the MiG-31, the official, according to investigators, from their leaders hid.

Then he was attracted to Scam a friend of the appraiser and e��OC 2006 to July 2007, each MiG-31 on paper turned into… scrap metal. Each of the four sets of iron sheets, metal rods and assemblies Silyakov was valued at 153 rubles. That is how much was the cost of the MiG-31 is 250 million rubles.

of 153

the ruble

made up the cost of each airframe of a supersonic fighter-interceptor MiG-31

Scam four MiG

Reducing the price of fighter wing 1 to 612 billion rubles (153*4), Andrei Silyakov organized the auction, which was attended by the associated firm received all four of the MiG-31 for a pittance. As writes “Kommersant” with reference to data of the investigation, before the auction employee rosrezerva persuaded the leadership of the aircraft plant “Sokol” not to participate in the auction and ensured that the aircraft factory will receive. But did not keep his word.

Then a fighting machine several times outbid one-day firms, while it was only formal — all this time the fighters were in the territory of the plant “Sokol”. But in the course of a series of resales cost of the four MiG-31 has increased from 612 to 3 million rubles.

the 4.9

with thousands times

increased the cost of each of the MiG-31 in the course of resale businesses

At the end of this crazy chain fighter jets were sold to the manufacturer, the plant “Sokol”. And in the summer of 2009 the regional Department of the FSB of Russia have uncovered the Scam and brought criminal case as regards 4 articles 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud in especially large size”). In early April 2010 in the framework of this case were detained Andrei Silyakov — however, the court chose to it a soft measure in the form of house arrest.

The guilt, the official categorically not accept, however, during the searches, investigators found in his home recording with the schemes of cashing money received to the accounts of commercial organizations. 25 Feb 2011 41-year-old Silakova was sentenced 11 years in a General regime colony.

Silyakov at sentencing did not come, but sent the court a letter of several pages.

Excuse my non-appearance at the hearing is not to be considered as concealment from justice, and as the last opportunity to draw public attention to this case. If there is a setting to judge me, my absence at the hearing did not hurt to do it. Do not feel guilty, a criminal case was falsified, and witnesses were pressured,

the from the letter of Andrew Silakova in court

In the letter Silyakov also said that celebrating my wife’s birthday, but next Monday in jail will certainly are. Needless to say, and that’s a promise he did not keep, and therefore was declared the Federal wanted list.

Nine years on the run

After that, the former official rosrezerva was out of sight of law enforcement bodies for a long nine years. In Nizhny Novgorod said that Silyakov likely fled abroad. In fact, he was much closer to the result though remained to him invisible.

After the detention of Silyakov explained that after his conviction he was hiding on the territory of different regions of Russia

the Stanislav Telegin, first Deputy chief of management of Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) of Russia in Nizhny Novgorod region

In the absence of the fugitive law enforcement has engaged his property. In January 2013, Vachskiy district court of Nizhny Novgorod region ruled to confiscate Silakova the house and land. That they belong to the former official, bailiffs learned in the summer of 2012.

Then they were arrested because the property was not for Silakova only shelter and means of livelihood, and he was on the run. Later the ex-officer found and arrested one more house and Bank account, but he remained invisible for the investigation.

But the homesickness all took its toll and Silyakov appeared in the Nizhny Novgorod region, which was quickly recognized by the investigators. According to the regional Department of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia, 26 may at 07:50 ex-official rosrezerva was arrested in his wife’s house in Balakhna district. Then Silakova sent in a Nizhny Novgorod SIZO No. 1 and ended nine years on the run.

“Everything was lost”

Meanwhile the wife of the convicted Tatiana Siskova believes that the criminal case was fabricated and the result was given for combat aircraft aviaplan. For several years Silakova trying to achieve verification and a criminal case against the investigator who conducted the case of her husband.

the Case against me was fabricated. I was accused that I allegedly stole fighter jets and oil, although nothing that I did not commit. I tried to get justice — but the case was lost. So what happened, happened

the Andrei Silyakov, ex-official of the reserve at the time of arrest

Tatiana Siskova sure that the case against former official of the reserve should be investigated anew, especially given the disappearance of a huge number of key documents and important evidence. In particular, from the case, according to Siljakovac, lost the disc with the phone calls of her husband.

They Silyakov allegedly influenced the experts agreed on the deal with fighters. On this evidence held by the prosecution, and it was mentioned in the sentence. But in fact, according to Tatyana Siljakovac, drive negotiations there. In an interview with “” it is said that he will fight to the end for the good name slandered wife.

For fraud in especially large size Silakova the verdict of the court will spend 11 years behind bars. Nine years on the run�� will probably make the punishment more severe, and it is unlikely Silyakov will be able to knock them off this time.