Instagram accounts about the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has been unlocked and then re locked. This assistant of Kadyrov, and Director of broadcasting company “Grozny” Ahmed Dudaev told RIA Novosti.

The day before yesterday, as reported in the Rambler, instagram Kadyrov_95 that was signed by nearly 1.5 million people, was blocked. It was reported that this is the account of the head of the Chechen Republic. On the same day, Dudayev denied it.

Today he said that this, as well as three instagram account of Kadyrov are experiencing problems for the past few days — yesterday the administration of the social network unblocked them, explaining the blocking mistake and apologizing, and then re-blocked.

“the legal Grounds for blocking no,” — said the assistant head of Chechnya.

13 may a representative of the company Facebook, which owns Instagram social network, said that Kadyrov’s account has been blocked due to sanctions imposed on it by U.S. authorities. He stressed that the company constantly takes steps to meet their legal obligations.