the voice of Danny Makkelie was clear that the name of his Instagram account, as hard as it had hacked at the top referee and a police officer. “The police are working without protective gear, are all very scarce, and we sometimes leave the district. And then I would have large amounts of all, in the listing according to my Instagram account,” he says, confused.

The Dutch profarbiter was shocked at himself for his own words, ” an accident is when he’s sat morning and was confronted with a picture at the time. Makkelie, it would have two types of all in big numbers to deliver. My account appeared to be hacked. Fortunately, I was able to still log in. I’ve got my password and updated so that there will be no further damage could be done. For this reason, I have a certificate set up for all my followers that my account had been hacked. In addition, I have shown you that you get your password from time to time have to adjust. Something I should never have done it.”

The anguish was all fulfilled. The picture was about, and the comments were not nice to the referee, who, due to a lot of followers, it was dismissed as a geldwolf. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the coronacrisis, as he notes in the police, and if toparbiter is a public figure. Last week, he is still involved in an anti-coronacampagne in his home town of Dordrecht in the netherlands.

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> “to-Morrow I will be at my work to see if I was the declaration going to do with it. I am a hulpofficier, and in this coronacrisis is not a priority, and it is difficult for the hacker to figure it out. Even when I’m using social media the death threat, the perpetrators don’t get caught. On the other hand, in this way, my good name is damaged. Especially when you see how it has been dealt with.”

Makkelie directly after he has been informed – “ ” I was initially do not respond to messages because I have an interview with the Dutch, gave, as a result of the new rules of the game regarding the attacking of hands”, the Dutch fa (KNVB) to let you know to have been hacked. “Who wanted to be self-evident to know what the hell was going on.”

“THE study is one of the options”

Incidentally, just noticed Makkelie at home on that much thought it was his Facebook page and e-mail address is trying to hack into. “Like so many others, I had the same password for everything, but I’m still healing. Not practical for a police officer. That is why I am so upset by this affair, my colleagues and I are all at the tips of our toes, most often without protection, and then, this is a boring post about it all on me, on my account. A terrible thing.”

Scheidsrechtersbaas Dick, of this Town, it was his initial fear soon to be over. “I was in someone’s phone call, in-house, the Dutch fa (KNVB), who told me that, in the name of the Danny masks for sale. But soon after, I was asked, ” What is this trying to say?’, I was told that it was a very bad joke, was the band’s Instagram account had been hacked,” said Van Egmond.

“all This fuss is about, the all is the fault of his own, in order to develop.” Of this is that a ’very bad joke’ might be too mild of an expression. “The name was given by the coronacrisis we are currently going through is an additional charge. And of all the places in this area are, of course, totally unacceptable, totally out of place,” says the former referee, who also played Makkelie on the line for me.

“He wanted to make absolutely clear that he is not to blame and hope that this is clear, it is,” says Honig, who has been a pupil already has a declaration to say. “We are now in the present, or that it makes sense. Have a clear message? Yes, agree with this. However, you should not be very hard to set up your return and then proceed with the order of the day. That’s what we’re all about.”

To THE investigation into the hack as part of Of this possibility as well. “Maybe we’ll know who’s account has been hacked. And it may be that the risks of social media is an excellent card, and can be touched by the referee.”

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This e-mail message on Instagram

Dear all, unfortunately, I have become the victim of a hack or the password to my account, is that there is a picture that has been posted without my permission. After I got it, it was pointed out, I immediately took action. A Tip for everyone else: do not change your password at regular intervals!

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