The risk is that the schools after the easter holidays, re-opening, it is very, very small. That being said virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst, Friday at the VTM News.

on Wednesday the Security council will once again meet to decide on whether or not the current measures are extended, it will be after the 19th of the month of april. “But it doesn’t seem to be that the schools are open again and will go on. You can check this on Wednesday do not decide, there is not enough time to organize,” said Van Ranst. “Politicians wanted to take a moment to evaluate whether the action should take, but it’s more than likely to be a major slow-down will continue, it is almost non-existent.” Minister for education, has been working for some time on an alternative to the preteaching , which the children of new material presented to you.

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Still, the news said, Van Ranst, that residential care facilities do not need to get sick to treat them. “Well, I would hope that there are people in the clinics at the hospital can be. We may be living centers, and do not expect to see a little ziekenhuisjes to be.” Now, there are plenty of checks in detail, it is to the question of what needs to be done, with staff that have a positive test, but it is not yet sick. “Healthy common sense says that those who are infectious, it is better not to be in an environment with vulnerable people. But we’ll have to see how many employees will actually be infected.”

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