The large rotating Easter egg registered in the Registry of records of Russia. The size of the eggs, that is established in the Yekaterinburg parish in honor of the great Martyr and healer Panteleimon, – 3 meters 7 cm (with pedestal – 4 meters 90 centimeters). A weight of 500 kilograms.

– the Egg is made of composite materials, reducing the weight of the structure. The sculpture features a metal frame with electric motor and speed controller (0 to 10 rpm), noted in the Registry of records of Russia.

Painting eggs made by the group of the Ural artists and is a combination of traditional red background and the applied patterns that mimic the Ural stones – Jasper and malachite. The cross crowning the egg, as well as letters covered with Golden petal decorated with rhinestones

the Unusual art object, which appeared at the temple in April 2020, is a gift for the congregation on Easter Sunday from benefactors. Rotating egg not dismantled after Easter, and it became a decoration of the temple.


In 2019 in the Registry of records of Russia got the biggest baked in Yekaterinburg. Made it for Easter at the initiative of the Saint Catherine Foundation and distributed 20 thousand people – participants citywide Paschal procession and wards of the Orthodox service mercy.