Launched a cyber competition for the radio Day – the seventh of may at 10 am and ended at midnight on the eighth of may. The event was held with the support of Technology HERE. Of course, given the unusual online format of the training demanded from the organizers more time and effort. The result was made by about 40 participants consisting of nine teams. The boys came from Novorossiysk, Krasnodar, Tambov, Nizhny Tagil and Simferopol. Mostly students of universities and colleges, but there was one team from the school № 19 of Novorossiysk.

According to the candidate of technical Sciences, Deputy chief Festiv Igor Buzenkova for the guys it was an invaluable experience: “The strongest emotions in the participants when they solve the creative task, because the experience in implementing them guys is very small, and therefore, no confidence, and then worked – and immediately get results! In addition, this hackathon was a remote, so you had more and to join a team, be organized, so to speak, was more self-dependent because there is no teacher to rely mainly on himself and his team – is also a useful skill!”

the choice of hakaton proposed two cases: case from the company HERE with a task-based geoinformation services and case from the University with tasks in the field of Maritime transport and telecommunications. During the hackaton organized and online classes for working with geographic information platform, creation of presentations and videos to introduce the project to the experts. But experts were:

Maxim Makarov, the representative of the company HERE, a specialist in the field of cartography; Victor Ore – representative of the company HERE, head of representative office in Rostov-na-Donu; Victoria Ermakova – the representative of the company HERE, the expert direction on work with educational institutions; Dmitry Studenikin, Provost of GMU, Ph. D., associate Professor; Anna Chernova – associate Professor, Department of electronics and it, Ph. D., associate Professor; Elena Khaleeva – associate Professor, Department of electronics and it, Ph. D., associate Professor; Alexander Yanchuk is the leading programmer of the company TRAFF OU.

Not all starters team reached the finish line: two dropped out, confessing that he does not blame them, we decided to more seriously prepare for the next hackathon. As a result, 38-hour marathon seven teams presented working prototypes of their projects. In the track “the Best solution on the platform HERE” won:

First place – team #NYS. Project analysis of air pollution on the example of districts of the city of St. Petersburg (team members: Dana Kuzmin – the Kuban state University, Krasnodar, and Vadim Maruev, Sergei Filippov, Vladimir Sevice – LGU im. ADM. F. F. Ushakov (specialty ISIT).

Second place – team #me. UpStartup – an application that allows you Vladthe Dace Amateur start-UPS to share professional skills and assemble a team, focusing on location (team members: Dmitry Motilin, Danielle Ipatova – SOSH № 19, Novorossiysk).

Third place – team Shine Squad. Project for people leading a sedentary lifestyle, allowing you to turn the game process walks. The project aims to encourage people to commit to Hiking in the city (team members Inver Turyshev, Nikita Kiselyov, Artyom Buras, Anastasia Field, Federal STATE rgppu, Nizhny Tagil, Ural Federal University).

Fourth place was shared by two teams:

the Team ROAT. The project is dedicated to the volunteers and mutual support on the road. By using the service, you can report a problem with the vehicle and wait for help from community members nearby and hitchhiking (team members Roman Nosyrev, Oleg Voloshin, Alexander Boychuk, Timothy Talan Transport College of Semey state medical University them. ADM. F. F. Ushakov, and Egor Chubukov Crimean Federal University named after Vernadsky, Simferopol).

Command EmeraldCode. Project an online photo Museum. Using web service you can view old and modern photos of different places on the map, registered users will be able to add old photos of buildings and streets with reference to the map (team members Alexander Chupin, Anton Kolesnikov, Timothy Ligonenko, Sophia Blinnikova, Daria Podkovyrin, LGU them. ADM. F. F. Ushakov, specialty ISIT).

the track “Transport and telecommunications” has won:

First place – team StormTech. Project visualization and health monitoring stations GMDSS (team members: Nikolay Ruban, Veronica Yatchenko, Anastasia Berezkina, Alexei Nekrasov – GMU, the TETRA, Novorossiysk, and Veronica Demchenko – the Kuban state University, Krasnodar).

Second place – team of the Cyber Garden. Project visualization and control of work information and communication networks of large enterprises (members of the team Egor Alekseenko, Denis Sapiro, Artem Safonov, Governor Grebenkin, Michael Koptsev – LGU im. ADM. F. F. Ushakov, specialty ISIT).

In terms of online all participants worked in a distributed manner (each at home). Fellowship hesitance and organizers was carried out by the group in the VC, chats, conferences and telephone –

Summing up, the organizers of the first such online-hackathon – specialists of the University – said that although not enough personal interaction with the guys, but for them the experience of holding competitions in this format was very interesting and useful.