the publication of the American edition of Popular Mechanics criticized the idea of voice control Russian robot “Marker” on the battlefield, working in the advanced research Foundation (DRF).

the Magazine writes that “if it sounds like a bad idea, it’s because it’s almost certainly so.”

“the voice recognition System as to say anyone who has a smartphone, in the best case, often unreliable. Mix the sounds of the noise of the engines, gunfire and explosions, and “Marker” will generally be difficult to understand any command on the battlefield. Reliance on Autonomous armed combat vehicles could lead to unintended consequences, including casualties among the civilian population”, — the newspaper notes.

In June, the head of the National center of technology development and the basic elements of robotics FPI Oleg Martyanov, in an interview with TASS said that Russian specialists are working on the control of combat robots, for example, a “Marker” using a voice command, and the commanders give the orders the same way as it is done with people-soldiers.

In April, the head of the scientific and technical Council is the Deputy Director General of PEF Vitaly Davydov said that the project of the Russian deadly robot “Marker”, introduced in October 2019, will be completed in 2021.

Robotic platform “Marker” is a joint project of FPI and the Scientific production Association “Android technology” who developed the product Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research (FEDOR) in August 2019 flew to the International space station. In February of the same year, the Executive Director of “Android technology” Eugene Dudorov acknowledged that in terms of money FEDOR, the creation of which it took 300 million rubles, 40% consists of Russian components, while the mass of the parts the robot is Russian 70-75 per cent.