In the United States told Russia disposed of the Soviet miracle boat

a Soviet submarine of project 705 (“lyre”) and 705К, atsiranda modern Russia are “miracle boats”, writes The Drive, referring to the materials of the site

In the publication are reminded that such nuclear-powered submarines (NPS) was able to develop under water a top speed of 40 knots (74 kilometers per hour) and had outstanding maneuverability. In particular, submarines of project 705 and 705К to record the speed was accelerated in less than one minute, and a full 180 degrees took just 42 seconds.

the Publication writes that these submarines “was far ahead of its time” because it was a compact nuclear reactor, allowing the location of the submarines of small displacement. The disadvantage of these submarines was the high noise level at maximum speed, which, as the newspaper writes, was offset by the maneuverability.

special attention is given to the use of submarines of project 705 and 705К reactor with liquid metal coolant. Despite the compact dimensions of the device, the operation of such a reactor in the composition of the submarine is called “problematic.” In sum, the Soviet submarine project 705 and 705К The Drive is rated as “MiG-25 from the underworld”.

In April, The National Interest wrote that the naval forces of the United States in 2018 are unable to monitor Russian nuclear submarine K-560 “Severodvinsk” project 885 (“Yasen”).

Submarines of project 705 and 705К was the only one in the world of serial nuclear submarine reactor with liquid metal coolant. In 1970-1080 years produced seven of these submarines, six of which were disposed of modern Russia. In January 1972, the head submarine of project 705 (the submarine K-64) went out on the second loop of the first loop reactor, and that was the only major incident such submarines.