According to him, the North-Eastern segment of the big ring will pass through eight districts of the capital. Three stations in this area have already been built and opened in the composition of Nekrasovskiy branch. This “Nizhny Novgorod”, “Aviamotornaya” and “Lefortovo”. Built four more: “Riga”, “Sokolniki”, “Maryina Roshcha” and “Elektrozavodskaya”. All the work, said the General Director of “Mosmetrostroy” Sergei Zhukov, are on schedule. Workers and equipment, according to him, enough to meet the planned completion date. Laid and main line tunnels. First, between the stations “Sokolniki” and “Riga” has already been completed. The way to overcome the shield, named as traditionally female name. Sofia finished in the chamber to a depth of 45 feet near the Riga motorway flyover. In this area in the future will be a new station “Riga”, where passengers can transfer to the station of the “orange” branch and walk to the IDC-2. And in the run – up to the IDC-3 and IDC-4. In the North-Eastern section of BKL, said Sushchenko, laid two more of the tunnel. The first – from the station “Savelovskaya” to “Riga”, scheduled to be completed in late September, the second – from “Sokolnikov” to “Riga”, in October. To close the branch, which will become, in fact, after the third circular ring and the ICC, calculated by 2023.

Until the end of 2020, builders are going to open three stations BKL: “Street people’s Militia”, “Karamyshevskaya” and “Elektrozavodskaya”. Two “Aviamotornaya” and “Lefortovo” – launched three months ago. Then I opened the “pink” station “Nizhny Novgorod”, “Okskiy”, “Stakhanov”, “South-East”.