In the Australian city Maroochydore Burmese cat breed named Oscar almost died being locked in a running washing machine with hot water and detergent.

according to the Daily Mail, the machine was launched the owner of a cat, not noticing the peacefully sleeping inside pet. The poor man was only found after 12 minutes. First, Amanda Meredith, the owner of Oscar, heard meowing and decided that the sound is coming out of the closet, so decided that Oscar and everything is in order and quietly went to hang clothes. However, when a few minutes she came back to the house, a plaintive meowing again. The woman then started to look for a pet.

he Came to the washing machine, Amanda saw Oscar, who was rested with his paws on the glass and rotated. “He spun and looked at me – said the woman. – It was tragic”. It took her approximately two minutes to rescue the poor animal, – the door was impossible to unlock until you have merged all the water. Oscar was taken to a veterinary clinic, where he spent the next 24 hours, receiving medication, including anti-inflammatory drugs. After returning home, Oskar slept for seven days and then as if nothing had happened returned to normal life. The washing machine he afraid of did not, on the contrary, often sits and curiously watches as the drum revolves. The mistress of the victim notices that cat is very lucky and perhaps he used three of his nine lives.

According to the veterinarian, such cases happen quite often, because washing machine cats seem to be the perfect place where they can relax, so before you turn on appliances worth checking out, not hiding inside pet.