On the territory of the Caucasian Mineral Waters not far from the city-resort of Kislovodsk, the archaeologists found traces of ancient settlements. As reported in the administration of the city, past monuments are found near Borgustanskaya range.

On the slopes of the Borgustanskaya ridge was an ancient fortress and at the foot of several settlements. One 3.5 thousand years, belongs to the Koban culture, the other a little less than 2 thousand years, it’s Alan, – stated in the message of administration.

As told by archaeologist Vladimir Rudenko, now scientists are exploring the “inhabited space” – the so-called territory outside the boundaries of settlements found, which is still actively used by ancient people. In a large area around settlements archaeologists have found pottery, tools, remains of domestic animals.

According to scientists, in Kislovodsk and its surroundings there are over 500 archaeological monuments, the oldest of which date back to 5th Millennium BC.