Heat and rains have created ideal conditions for their reproduction.

in the Spring of 2020, the US suffered from the invasion of killer hornets and giant moths. Now to the South of the country struck a new attack. Here bred giant toads, reports the Miami Herald.

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Rhinella marina or toad- > yeah — the second biggest toad after toad Blomberg. Its length is 24 cm, and the weight can be more than pounds.

Adult frogs are omnivores and are attacked not only in arthropods and other invertebrates but also small lizards, baby birds and animals the size of a mouse. Do not disdain carrion, and garbage, and in the absence of food can engage in cannibalism. Toads reproduce quickly — one female usually lays 4-35 thousand eggs.

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yeah venomous: when an adult toad is disturbed, its glands secrete off-white secret containing bufotoxin. The poison causes convulsions, vomiting, arrhythmia, increased blood pressure, sometimes temporary paralysis and death from cardiac arrest.

the Invasion of giant toads began after the heavy rains that engulfed South Florida. Local residents fear for their Pets: the most common victims of poisonous toads become dogs. In addition, if the summer is rainy, as weather forecasters predict, toads will thrive even more.

Anna Lysenko

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