In the Sochi Park “arboretum” flowered glade with three rare plants of the Orchid family – seriesom Soshnikova, anacamptis and AFRICOM polonorum. Declining numbers are listed in the Red book of Kuban and Russia. This was reported in the press service of the Sochi national Park.

the First serapias Soshnikova – experts call rare. According to them, it is infrequent that one spot grow more than 160 individuals. In our country they are found almost exclusively in the territory of Sochi national Park. The name of serapias Soshnikova received on behalf of the Greco-Egyptian God, patron of the ancient capital of Egypt Alexandria. By the way, the appearance of serapias different from other orchids.

Anacamptis blooms in the spring last among his fellows and can be seen until mid-June. In the highlands due to the more recent revival of nature after winter, summer will bloom a, adapted to harsh conditions, types of orchids, and in the foothills of the spring Symphony of orchids also completes anacamptis. Its species name is the pyramidal – he got because of the thick ovate-pyramidal inflorescences, and generic is associated with roll over of the flowers: from the Greek “anacamptis” means “turned back”. This Orchid can be found on forest edges, rocky areas and meadows in the foothills, 600 meters above sea level, for example, it grows on the eagles rocks.

Ofris clonony, or Orchid bees, are very rare – experts have counted in “the Arboretum” 84 plants. Its name, which received due to the unusual appearance: in Greek means bee. The flower can easily be confused with bee – yellow-striped abdomen, hairy legs, antennae, and even small eyes. In addition, this plant has adapted to exude a smell similar to the scent of female bees. In the Sochi national Park it is possible to meet three representatives of this genus – Africa avtonomnoy, Crimean and Caucasian. Areal Africa in Russia is in the Caucasus, including the black sea coast, 400 metres above sea level, occasionally in the foothills, remote from each other tiny populations.

And in September in the vicinity of Sochi will bloom autumn Orchid skraceni spiral. By the way, it is found on the territory of the Dendrarium.

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