The villagers Shumskiy, Irkutsk region complain that after the autumn, it was dug up a local cemetery, thence along the UDA river sail coffins with the remains, stuck on the shores and sprawling in the water.

According to one of the villagers, he saw the coffins just 50-80 meters from the residential houses. To the water intake which provides water to the military camp, and from there about 7-8 kilometers. In addition, in 8-9 kilometers away is the water intake of Nizhneudinsk.

“besides the inhabitants of Geologists and Nizhneudinsk, living by the river, take water directly from UDA, livestock drinking, and the geese and ducks swim in the Bayou” — outraged resident of Shumsky.

He claims that the coffins are in river water for more than six months — despite the fact that among those buried in the local cemetery the dead were including deaths from tuberculosis.

“Our people are in shock, some of them dug relatives without their consent, and as a result, some drove to other cemeteries, and some were thrown into a common grave”, — quotes the story of a man edition of “Siberia.Realities”.

In the summer of 2019 cemetery next to Sumskim was flooded in the floods. The local authorities hired the contractor, which in November-December was to work on the reburial of the dead. By the time the ground was already frozen, and the workers used a tractor for tearing the graves.