St Petersburg, 5 may – RIA Novosti. Among 30 infected with a new coronavirus infection in the Penza region there are two children, the total number of infected has increased to 569, according to the press Secretary of the Governor Dean Cheremushkin.

To may 4 in the area died eight people with COVID-19, including a citizen of Kazakhstan, was cured 193. Among cases was 27 children.

“the Operative situation on may 5. The total number of registered cases – 569. New revealed – 30. Two children, three and 13 years, the other patients – from 19 years to 81 years,” wrote Cheremushkin on Tuesday in his Telegram channel.

She said that 16 new cases COVID-19 revealed in Penza, three in Kamenskoye and Sosnovoborsk, two in Belinskiy and Gorodische, one in Pasechnoye, Serdobsk, Maloserdobinskogo and Penza regions.

Governor Ivan Belozertsev has introduced in the field since March 16, on high alert, ordered the residents to wear masks in public places and up to may 11 declared a mandatory isolation for all citizens. Residents can go to the nearest store and the pharmacy, walk Pets and take out the garbage.

Current data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.