the fgbi “Reserves Taimyr” during one of the raids found the dump of household and technical waste on the shore of lake Lama in the buffer zone of Putorana reserve.

As reported on the page “nature Reserves of Taimyr” in Facebook, the dump was on the territory of one of the bases located at the lakes. In addition, the staff found felled for firewood trees. Meanwhile, on the Putorana plateau is a little tree – and it is a great value.

All the violations were recorded on photo and video, the composed Protocol. Documents submitted to the Prosecutor of the Taimyr Peninsula, where actions of the database owner will be given a legal assessment. He faces severe punishment.

Caused by the nature of the damage is determined by the experts. The service of protection of reserves of Taimyr recalls the need to strictly observe the established regime and rules for use of leased forest lands in the buffer zone. Depending on the nature of the caused damage, the responsibility can be not only administrative, but also criminal.

Putorana nature reserve is one of the largest in Russia: its area is 1887 hectares. It is located in the Krasnoyarsk region in the Putorana plateau in the Arctic. Lakeside nature reserve is the third largest world reservoir of fresh water, more than just the lake Baikal and the Great American lakes. Opened for tourism only buffer zone of the reserve. However, in view of the difficult epidemiological situation, tourists are not accepted until June 14, 2020.