MOSCOW, 3 may. /TASS/. Specialists of all-Russian research Institute for civil defense and emergency situations (VNII GOCHS) of EMERCOM of Russia suggest after returning home from the street to wash the nose, throat and eyes to reduce the risk of acquiring coronavirus infection.

“After returning from street it is necessary to wash hands with soap under warm water for 20 seconds, rinse the nose and throat, to wash the face and eyes,” reads the recommendations of the Institute of civil defense.

specialists Also recommend to wash your shoes and change clothes, and used personal protective equipment to be disposed of.

if a mandatory quarantine due coronavirus in VNII GOCHS is recommended to wash hands with warm water soap or treat them with antiseptic before eating and after using the toilet.

in addition, you need to regularly ventilate the room to hold wet cleaning, using household chemicals that have detergent and washing and disinfecting effect.