Physicians recorded the fifth death of a patient with COVID-19 on the Kolyma, older magadanka died as a result of the development of viral pneumonia, said on Monday the Ministry of health of the region.

According to the latest data, in the Magadan region identified 1081 infected COVID-19, five died, 622 recovered. Region passes the second stage of removing quarantine restrictions: earned cafes, gyms, allowed libraries and museums. In the region there is simply a mask mode.

"From a new coronavirus infection has died five inhabitants of the Magadan region. Died COVID-19 krymchanka was 79 years old", – stated in the message of Ministry of health.

Older magadanka entered the infectious hospital on time, she noted small fluctuations in body temperature.

"But the elderly ladies had a number of chronic diseases, typical for her age. On the sixth day, the patient developed severe viral pneumonia. The patient was transferred to the intensive care unit and connected to the ventilator. However, the amount of oxygen in the blood fall, regardless of the treatment. On the eleventh day of my stay in hospital the patient died", – said the Agency.

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