the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko took control of providing apartments to great Patriotic war veteran Alexandra Ivanova.

On the issue of the veteran Ivanova from the village of Lebovici Alehovshina rural settlement in lodeynopolsky district authorities in the region drew attention through publications in the media, including in “the Russian newspaper”.

Alexandra went through the whole war and after it returned home to the Leningrad region, where for nearly forty years worked in the lumber camps. The hut in which she was, at the time, was built as temporary housing for loggers. Now it’s shot: cracks in the walls, roof leaks, furnace not working, no amenities. However, the local Committee repeatedly refused to recognize the house uninhabitable. So, technically, Alexandra could not qualify for participation in the program of improvement of living conditions of veterans. Since then, Ivanov began to fight for their rights, it has been eleven years.

last year, the Leningrad region budget is still allocated money to solve the housing question by Alexandra Ivanova. The local administration acquired a veteran one-bedroom apartment in a new building in the village of Forsyth. But to issue it in the property refused only on the rights of employment. Ivanov did not agree. Recently she lived in Petersburg with her daughter, granddaughter and great-grandchildren, as to spend the winter in a village hut impossible.

the situation connected press and human rights activists. Publications and requests to the governmental institutions on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Victory did the trick. Today the Investigative Committee of the Leningrad region declared excitation of criminal case upon incident. Article – “the negligence”.

And after a few hours the Governor Alexander Drozdenko personally called Alexandra Ivanova congratulated her on the last birthday (yesterday it said 94 years) and promised to check that I bought for her apartment was decorated in the property.

I can only apologize for the actions of local authorities, which over a year could have purchased for you an apartment in the property, said Alexandra Governor. – I understand why it happened.