the Menu at the solemn reception in the Kremlin has become more modern in contrast to the period of presidency of Boris Yeltsin, when he was still in the course of the Soviet tradition of feeding pigs and the Gulf sturgeon. In an interview with RIA Novosti said the former Director General of the enterprise “the Kremlin”, chef Igor Bukharov.

According to him, with arrival on a post of President Vladimir Putin’s menu has become more modern due to constant changes in the world and the emergence of new standards. Old traditions are hard to maintain including technological characteristics-for example, it is necessary to have special equipment for heating, and a large permanent staff of waiters.

“everything is Always very traditionally, by and large, conservative, but in the modern sense. It is such a high kitchen — large plate, small portion,” explained Bukharov.

He said that the banned products on the Kremlin kitchen there, but the delivery of such exotics like bison meat or crocodile, is still considered strange.