Chinese leader XI Jinping asked the who to postpone the statement on the transmission of coronavirus from person to person and that situation could turn into a pandemic, says Der Spiegel published materials collected by German intelligence.

All this was on January 21, the newspaper notes. Then, XI Jinping had asked the head who Teodros Adana Hebraicus to defer the pandemic alert. China has spent the last several weeks for information struggle to not look at the world’s media a source of coronavirus.

However, to who the publication is not considered reliable. “Dr. Tedros and President XI did not talk January 21, and they never talked on the phone. Such inaccurate messages divert and distract from the efforts of who and the world to end the pandemic COVID-19”, – stated in the message of the who.

However, on January 22, who said that in Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread. Thus, the who refused to go on about the leader of China. This refutes trump has repeatedly accused the who in the “Pro-China” policy. A few days ago, trump said he does not intend to Fund the who because of disagreement with its actions. “What they did that made the who they missed every call, and we’re not going to put up with it,” said trump.

Read the material In Moscow during the day, the coronavirus have been identified in the human 5551