on Friday, on the Black sea in the Crimean village of Popovka on the territory of the former festival Kazantin, kicked off the annual celebration of electronic music and sport Z. Fest. C concert sets here are more than 40 DJs and bands playing techno, house, deep house, trance, progressive trance, jungle and other fashion trends of dance music. Among the main stars – Vladimir Fonarev (formerly referred to as DJ Lantern), DJ Groove, Dr.Spy.Der, Natasha Urman, Olesya bond, Gariy aka Agassi, Filter, Orbita Project, and more.

the musicians, the audience and the promoters call the place where the festival, – Z-City, that is the beach city of the future in the Crimea. In Z. Fest -2020 several scenes, and one of them, “White bar”, located directly on the beach. There are planned several thematic concepts and programs, among which, of course, there are “Legend” (there will be Vladimir Fonarev, the pioneer of the Russian DJing early ‘ 90s). Of course, the planned and the rave, which will be filled in more rigid styles of electronic music, in particular hardcore. Moreover, the sets of actors continue until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning.

In the morning and afternoon hours in addition to the performances of the musicians, the audience waiting for sports competitions, yoga, creative workshops. Including here you can learn how to swim.

the international open-air Fest will last Z. in the Crimea until August 16.