the Moscow city court recognized the businessman Stanislav Kuner member of the gang that plundered the money allocated for the construction of the residence of the President of Russia, and was sentenced to 8 years in a strict regime colony. Harsh verdict, and not only because the time – even more than was requested by the Prosecutor (the Prosecutor was talking about 7 years). Kuhner made a deal with the investigation, and for that he was promised a sentence of at least two times less. “What sense then generally to go for a plea agreement?” – shout the other defendants in the case. And that, as they say, waiting for “some force”.

“People move like pawns in chess, – says our source. – The Kuhner “exchanged” for the “big fish”.

Recall that among these “fish” – “the day the Governor of Petersburg” billionaire Mikhalchenko and head FGUP “Ateks” of the Federal security service of Fireplaces, which did not give grateful indications.

Eight years? Eight years… the wife of Kuner not at first believe my ears, thinking it was some kind of mistake. And then burst into tears.

Many did not believe. Stanislav kuner was one of the managers of the company “Stroyfasad”, which even has not been the sole contractor for the construction of the residence in Novo-Ogarev. Let me remind you, it was about the theft of 225 million rubles from five billion allocated from the budget. Just in case 11 accused. Organizer OPG is recognized as the head of FSUE when FSO Andrew Fireplaces (now in “Lefortovo” is said to have been ill in jail coronaviruses) and St. billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko (in Lefortovo). The defendants are former head of service engineering and technical support FSO, major-General Igor Vasiliev and the head of the engineering Colonel Dmitry Ulitin. Both are under house arrest.

Six and a half years of detention made a deal with the investigation and was released under house arrest. One Stanislav kuner. By the way, him in jail was tough only because of diseases of the digestive system (he complained to the members of the PMC, he cannot eat the prison food, experiencing after each meal, severe pain). As a result, even prison doctors were allowed to wife gave him boiled products (formally banned). Remember happy wife, a talented artist Natalia that they let him go home! “Now I fix him special dietary food,” she said. House arrest in all senses proved salutary and life-giving – nine months later they had a daughter (first of Natalia and Stanislav have two children from a previous marriage). They went together to the meeting, on 23 July, with the fear of waiting for a verdict. But no one could think that the court will give even more than the Prosecutor asked.

– I think this is a cynical, given the fact that aboutn found guilty, he “Parohod”, in part to repay the damage he has many diseases, a small child… cries Natalia. – There were so many extenuating circumstances.

the Investigation and the Prosecutor’s office is also surprised, – tells our source in law enforcement. – Looks as if it is they tricked the accused. In the end, the other defendants in the case are now able to withdraw from the transaction, which was concluded. Why is it necessary if the result of the promise does not hold? This, apparently, is the calculation. Indeed, their testimony is based much. And the main accused not guilty. You see, behind them are very serious people. So again it turns out that this is a war of one clan against another. But as always suffer the most minor type shape of Kuhner. Very sorry for the guy and his family.

Kuhner went on court with a bag of things collected together with his wife. But the convoy demonstration refused to allow him to take something (usually allowed). In General, in the detention center, he left with one bottle of water.

According to the lawyer of Andrey Grivtsova, Kuhner will appeal the verdict. But if our version is correct, the appellate court may be another venue for “games” clan, and not a place for a fair verdict.