the Ministry of health of the Kingdom reported that the country has a week not to register the cases of death due infection.

BANGKOK, 5 may. /TASS/. Thai Authorities had registered during the day, the only new case of coronavirus. As reported on Tuesday the Ministry of health of the Kingdom, the total number of infected reached 2 988.

According to him, the only positive is a citizen of Thailand from the southern province of Narathiwat. During the last seven days the person was discharged from the hospital, a total of recovered 2 747 patients. In medical institutions there are 187 people.

the Ministry said that during the day there was not a single death. This last week. The country due coronavirus, 54 people died, including one Russian.

the First case of infection with coronavirus in Thailand revealed on January 13. March 22 was marked the largest one-day gain among 188 people. 3 April throughout the country from 22:00 to 04:00 curfew. Infringers threatens till two years of imprisonment and (or) a penalty of 40 thousand baht (1,2 thousand dollars).