To her in Russian and Arabic it is written: “Here are 3 February 2018 took the last battle hero of the Russian Federation major Filipov Roman Nikolaevich. Eternal memory and glory”. In the opening ceremony was attended by our and the Syrian military, including colleagues Filipov. One of them, Alexander Pogorelsky remembered the last meeting with the Novel: “we Have a tradition, something to leave to return. He personally left me the cap and said, “Give me San Sanych as I get back. I brought her here. To return him”, – quotes TASS of the word Pogorelsky.

And here’s what he said about the heroism of major Filipova Syrian army Colonel Rami Mawas: “His blood mixed with our earth. I have no words to accurately Express what we feel right now. We always feel safety when we hear in the sky the sound of the plane, and we know that Russian aircraft covers us from the air. Thank you Russia, thank you to your army, thanks to Roman for all they did for us.”

the Russian su-25 was downed in Syria from the figurative is antiaircraft-a missile system while flying over the zone of de-escalation of Idlib. This task provided a control system of the ceasefire, carried out a couple of our planes, where Filipov was leading. When his attack landed fired from the ground anti-aircraft missile, the pilot to the last kept the damaged car in the air and even managed to report the command that was attacked.

after Landing after ejection in an olive grove in the area controlled by fighters of the settlement Sarakibe, major began to shoot from a pistol Stechkin. But was severely wounded and surrounded. And when the terrorists approached Filipovo at a distance of several dozen meters, with the words “This is for boys!” he blew himself up with a grenade. For courage and heroism of the commander of the squadron was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia.

the Novel was buried with military honors on the walk of Fame Kominternovsky cemetery of Voronezh, where he was born. The death of Filipova remained under the control of militants for more than two years as a result of fierce fighting, it was liberated units of the Syrian Brigadier General Hassan Suhail.