In St. Petersburg from 20 to 24 July will be demolished the first house mass building, got into the renovation. About it "RG" reported in a press-service of the company-operator of the program.

The house is located at the address: 2-ya Komsomolskaya, 37. It Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg.

Resettlement houses lasted for several years. One of the tenants didn’t vacate, in the end Petersburger received compensation and moved to one of the modern residential complexes.

It should be noted that the city law on the renovation in St. Petersburg was passed back in 2008, and from 2009, the year began implementation of the program. It was chosen from 24 locations. But the program has stalled and for the first ten years was executed just a few percent.

Renovation in St. Petersburg have extended the rules of settlement easy.

The main problem was not the construction of houses, new buildings program operator builds. All rested in resettlement and the demolition of Khrushchev.

So, in the house on the 2nd Komsomol for many years only one person lived, which required a fantastic amount of compensation for his apartment. The actual problem is "the last tenant" and for houses and Khrushchev at the other locations.