the St. Petersburg specialists recover a fragment of genuine silk panels, which were found during the restoration of the boudoir Porcelain of the Yusupov Palace. As reported by the Committee on state control, use and protection of monuments (KGIOP) St.-Petersburg, is currently discussing the issue of museification of the found fragment.

– Architectural-interior solution is made using items in the nature of the styles of Louis XV and Louis XVI, includes stucco walls and ceiling and coving, damask panels and the wooden elements, interior light with the use of mirror surfaces of the mirror inserts in the doors door fillings, told the Committee.

a Silk fabric, which is more than 100 years, was discovered during the dismantling of the late damask panels beneath it were found fragments of the newspaper “the Tula news” in 1895. From the time the material is dry, very dirty, it appeared the traces of adhesive, rust from fasteners nails, breaks. The restorers are trying carefully to remove all foreign residue, and then plan to strengthen dublyrovannoy on damask fabric.

According to the Committee, at present, restoration works are conducted not only in the Porcelain boudoir (Dressing room) to the Yusupov Palace, but in the other the private quarters of the Princess Zinaida Nikolaevna Yusupova – the Princess’s Cabinet, Persian and Bath rooms. The total funding will be about 140 million rubles.

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Yusupov Palace on the Moika is a unique architectural ensemble of XVIII-XX centuries, a monument of history and culture of Federal significance. From 1830 it was owned by five generations of a noble family of princes Yusupovs. In 1916 it was here that the murder of Grigory Rasputin.