the Correspondent of “RG” caught them in the alley Sea of the Central district. Local residents listened to a music concert, leaning out of Windows. Passers-by stopped. And those and others were filming the incident on mobile phone cameras to capture the touching moments that have become a rarity in the quarantine. According to them, these are the brightest memories in recent months.

Recall, in the Kuban region a week ago took the isolation and the quarantine was extended to 6 June.

13.00 on one of the local channels started holiday telethon, which will last until 18.00.

Sochi congratulated the President, politicians at the Federal level, the Governor, heads of municipalities of the Kuban and the twin cities, the mayors of the resort past years, an honorary citizen of the city, public and political figures, famous athletes, famous artists, made in different years contribution to the development and establishment of the resort.

in addition, in Sochi in the city Day for the first time in the history of the resort and wrote the official anthem of Sochi. Musical composition created by the composer, people’s artist of Russia Alexei Yevsyukov, and performs the anthem of the Sochi Symphony orchestra under the direction of Anton Lubchenko.

– Accept the warmest and sincere congratulations, congratulated the mayor of Sochi, Alexey Kopaigorodsky local residents. – You – people of different ages, nationalities, professions, and beliefs. But you all share a love for their city and faith in its great future. Someone who was born and raised here, someone came in late. But Sochi is the best city on Earth. The city is proud of it. I am convinced that the main wealth of Sochi – it is you, its people. Energetic, hardworking, friendly and cheerful. What you create in the city a special atmosphere, due to which Sochi is loved and appreciated by millions of Russians.