In Scotland for sale, island of dreams, which costs less than apartments in new York, and serves as a safe haven during the spread of the coronavirus. Reported by the New York Post.

the Idyllic island near the archipelago of Shetland (Shetland Islands) is for sale for 300 thousand dollars. It is closer to mainland Norway and the Faroe Islands than to Scotland. According to real estate Agency Vladi Private Islands, pristine plot of land with an area of 26 hectares attracts the attention of a scenic view of the archipelago and the beauty of wildlife.

On the island allowed the construction of a pier and various agricultural objects, as well as construction of a water mill. Allowed the reconstruction of two derelict cottages and the erection of a new house. The contract provides for the installation of solar panels and a sewage system with the possibility of collection and treatment of wastewater or rainwater from the roof, making the house environmentally friendly and energy efficient. In addition, there is access to the mainland.

a Chance to buy your own island real estate also proposed in Turkey. The Isle of Kuchuk-ORAC is located in the province of Mugla and is worth $ 18 million.