On Thursday morning in Osterweddingen (Saxony-Anhalt), an oxygen device in a rescue vehicle exploded, as reported by “Bild”. The device is said to have blown up while the paramedics were waiting for it. The explosion was so strong that not only the vehicle, but also the roof and walls of the rescue station were immediately torn apart.

As a result, the entire rescue station caught fire and burned out. According to initial estimates, the material damage amounts to around one million euros. People have not been harmed.

Street dog Sammy was supposed to be handed over to his new owner at Munich Airport. But the six-month-old four-legged friend escaped. The search for him, which lasted more than a week, is now coming to a happy end.

In his autobiography “Spare” Prince Harry once again unpacks about his family. So far, as usual, she has been very silent. But public reluctance is deceptive. Position is taken in the background.