this created a virtual copy of the BDT.

the Bolshoi drama theatre in St. Petersburg put first in Russia Snow performance — the staging of “the Cherry orchard” directed by Edgar Zakarian based on the play by Anton Chekhov. It will begin on 14 June at 21:00.

Gamers and viewers can explore the virtual theatre, which was built by Minecraft players under the guidance of architect Andrey Voronov.

“the auditorium in the famous blue color of the BDT, the Greek hall, Grand staircase… travel the virtual theatre is as fascinating as the famous building on the Fontanka, 65. And at 21:00 will feature the third call, in the auditorium the lights go out, the curtain opens and the audience will see on stage a short version of “the Cherry orchard”, ironic but true brief of the famous play,” writes the theatre on his page in the social network.

to Voice characters in real time there will be artists Irina Patrakova, Victor Knyazev, Maxim Brazov, Alexey Furmanov, and even bot-zombies misleading in the theater.

Anna Lysenko

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