This was announced by the Director of the national Park “Russian Arctic” Alexander Kirilov, reports RIA Novosti.

“We will prepare and try to create encyclopedic dictionary of the young polar Explorer… I Think I’ll do it,” said Kirilov.

According to him, the dictionary should reflect contemporary scientific data about the Arctic. He did not specify other details, when will the book come out and who will take part in its preparation.

In 2018, it was reported that Russia was going to develop a nationwide standard of human behavior when meeting polar bears in the Arctic. The basis was taken the recommendations Obshestva wildlife and Institute of ecology and evolution Russian Academy of Sciences.

The advice reflected, how to act when meeting with the beast outside the villages and enterprises, and also when the animal itself comes in where people live. It is mentioned that the predator can not feed, and was reported to how to scare away or why not take the young in hand.