To terminate an employment relationship only by the employee or by mutual agreement of the parties.

The Ministry of labour and social protection has proposed a draft resolution, which describes the procedure and rules for dismissal in a pandemic. The document also describes the steps if the introduction of idle or transfer of employees to part-time and other work. In particular, it is proposed to prohibit the firing of employees or send it in a simple. To terminate an employment relationship will be at the employee’s initiative or by mutual consent of the parties.

In the event of redundancy, the dismissal should be issued only on the next working day after the lifting of restrictive measures in a pandemic, if the two-month notice period of the employees expires during the period of their validity.

The Agency proposes to reduce to two weeks time about changes on the initiative of the employer of the employment contract and mode of operation, for example, the introduction of incomplete working hours, according to RBC.

Before the proposal of the Ministry of labor will consider the Cabinet should see the trilateral Commission for regulating social-labour relations.

Experts are already predicting a rise in unemployment to 15% due to changes in the economy and in the labour market in the period of the pandemic. Now the number of unemployed in Russia is 1.4 million people, twice more than in early April. In connection with the difficult situation, Vladimir Putin has demanded to develop more complex measures of support.