this goal is to get this high in academic rating – delivered to the national project “Science”. The correspondent “RG” has learned, in the Russian regions develop children’s interest in science. This deals with the Association of national technology initiative (NTI). The organization has created a Sectarian movement which runs the competition. So who is he going?

In Bashkortostan today, technological creativity do 37 thousand children aged 5 to 18 years. Are 24 institutions of additional education of technical orientation.

In 2017, at three sites of technology parks were created Kvantorium Bashkortostan. Over the next two years, earned ten new children’s parks. This year for co-financing will be launched two mobile kvantorium, next – another. In addition, for 2021 is planned to create another site of Kvantorium in Sterlitamak.

And 2019 in the Republic of the national project “Education” has opened a regional talent development centre “Aurora”, working on the model of the educational center “Sirius”. In addition to the main directions of “Science”, “Art” and “Sport” there are eight unique technology laboratories of leading National technology initiative.

Representatives of Bashkiria quite adequately perform at various events. So, in December, 2019 in Ufa for the first time passed the final of Olympics sectarian movement of the STI.Junior – team engineering competition for students fifth to seventh grades. In his qualifying rounds took part more than two thousand children, in the finals competed about 100 children not only from Bashkortostan but also from Chelyabinsk, Tyumen regions and Perm territory.

And to prepare students for the Olympics of STI in the country was organized more than 15 sites.

One of directions of organization of scientific creativity of children – the formation of co-working centers. “And they have already appeared in some areas of our Republic, – said the head of Bashkortostan radium Khabirov. – We have set the goal to a similar structure has earned in each municipality. And to engage in scientific and technological work could all the children.”

In the Altai region of technological creativity, there are about 25 thousand children. And circles of technical and scientific orientation working in 82 of the 98 budget of institutions of additional education.

Twelve years ago, the region opened a children’s technology Park, and last year launched the mobile technology for children in remote villages. In addition, young people in the region involved in the Center for children’s scientific and technical creativity “Heirs Polzunov” at the technical University and in clubs in schools and institutions participating in the Association of educational R��of mototekhniki.

“Technical circles we have a lot of, – has confirmed to the correspondent “RG” the Minister of education and science of the Altai Krai Maxim Kostenko. – Are unique – for example, the ship circle in the Krasnogorsky district, which thanks to the skill of the teacher is very popular with children for more than thirty years. Today our mugs are actively embedded in STI. This year we will open the children’s parks in two small towns and one mobile Technopark to all technology initiative reaches remote villages and areas.”

Now the most “advanced” Altai scholars are preparing to participate in the First all-Russian competition of circles and Olympiad for schoolchildren STI, and surprise opponents young modelers, robotics and programmers will be projects that are already being implemented. For example, Technopark “Kvantorium.22” the guys have created an interactive quest at upland Park in Barnaul, and it is available on an interactive map.

“in Order to meet the national project “Science” goal and bring our country to the leaders in scientific research and development, we should teach students not only passively accumulate knowledge but also to actively use them, – says Maxim Kostenko. And sectarian movement, as well as parks and children’s technical centers allow these skills to develop. But, upgrading the system of additional education, introducing advanced programs, it is important not to lose the unique and distinctive tradition of sectarian movements that we have.”

In Primorsky Krai technological creativity is 5.7 thousand children. The basis for this was the innovative Technopark “Kvantorium”.

there are several quantumof laboratories. Guarantor, VR-kvantum – for training in virtual reality. There are quantum industrial design, robot, Aero-quantum, all high-tech-kvantum. One center circle movement in Primorye is considered to be the far Eastern Federal University. The emphasis is on the jobs of the future specialist to work with the data design of neural interfaces, system engineer marine infrastructure, a specialist in precision farming, the operator of automated transport systems and robotics, including specialist marine robotics.

About the performance of far Eastern STI-circles can be judged at a fifth Olympics Sectarian movements of the NTI, held in the spring of 2020. It took part 1217 students from the Primorye, and 14 of them became winners in various nominations.

as for the upcoming contest and the Olympics, a request to participate in their team of Primorye has not yet filed. But, as it became known “RG”, to surprise the jury are likely to be the children of the Center for the development of robotics – the largest in the far East of the center of children’s technical tvo��quality, which enrolled about 1,500 students aged from five to 18 years.

“Sectarian movement and the Olympics NTI – social Elevator for pupils, which helps to maintain a youthful ability to dream about things and at the same time to work hard on implementing a big dream, – said the leader of sectarian movement of the National technology initiative, Vice-rector of the University Dmitry Zemtsov. – If we can educate these guys, we’ll win the fight for the generation of technological leaders that is now unfolding in the world. It will be independently thinking and decision-making technology entrepreneurs with the skills of managing the largest projects.”

the Application form for participation in the First all-Russian competition of teams and the Olympiad for school students is available until 30 June to submit on the website.

are invited To participate mugs on priority directions of development of science (artificial intelligence, Internet of things, neuro – and nanotechnologies and others). Circles of technical creativity (aircraft and ship modeling, robotics, etc.), groups in-depth study of Sciences (mathematics, astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry and so on). As well as informal and self-organizing community of technology enthusiasts, including the Internet community.

the Competitive phase of the contest will be held in three categories. In the category “Tools rapid response” groups will represent the original form of lessons and instructional techniques, including those introduced in response to the pandemic coronavirus. Teams of circles will develop an online lesson and demonstrate the use of authoring tools and techniques.

the Nomination “Accept the challenge” for clubs, which in the conditions of pandemic not only provided stability, but also opened new opportunities. Guys have to provide holistic solutions that can be scaled and used in other crisis situations. The competition teams will compete in solving business cases.

In the category “look into the technological future” will be accepted applications for events – hackathon, schools, the challenge – which are designed to prepare students to work with technologies of the future and the embodiment practices of the future. The best events will be held with financial and organizational support of the Sectarian movement of the NTI.

the Winners will be determined in the internal round, which is scheduled for November-December 2020. For the final round mugs-finalists will send teams of three to five people with obligatory participation of students.

At the end of the competition will identify the best clubs, whose activities aim to enable students in solving real technological problems, the training of engineers, innovators and technologist��ical entrepreneurs of the future. By the fall of 2020 it is planned to produce a General register.

by the Way, accepting applications for participation in the first stage of the competition (the mapping) will continue until June 30, 2020.