the Fourth day in a row detected less than ten thousand infected.

In recent days in Russia have revealed 9263 cases of novel coronavirus infection in 85 regions of the country, said operational headquarters. The total number of infected rose to 299941. New cases COVID-19 recorded in all regions of the country, 43,1%of those infected with the disease was asymptomatic and was discovered only after testing.

the Fourth day in a row in Russia is fixed less than 10 000 new patients with the coronavirus. On the eve of the operational headquarters reported just over 8900 patients. For the last day recovered 5921 people. For all time — 76 130. Continue treatment 220 974 people. Died in days 115 patients. The total number of deaths during the whole period of the pandemic is 2837.

In Moscow for the day revealed 3545 new cases of coronavirus. The fourth day in a row the increase was less than 4000, on the eve of the headquarters of the recorded 3238 cases COVID-19. In Moscow region the number of patients with coronavirus has increased to 898, in St. Petersburg — in 453, in the Nizhny Novgorod region 260, in the Sverdlovsk region — 138, In Rostov — 131 in Kaluga — 114, in the Bryansk — 112, and 109 cases in Yaroslavl and Saratov regions. In the rest of the regions recorded less than a hundred new cases.

the leaders In total number of patients: Moscow (149607), Moscow oblast (29 188), St. Petersburg (11 340), Nizhny Novgorod oblast (6952), Dagestan (3553), Sverdlovsk oblast (2999), Krasnodar Krai (2792), Murmansk oblast (2684), Rostov (2645) and Tula region (2637).

on the Eve of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the situation of the pandemic is difficult, but the increased incidence failed to stop and is visible positive dynamics. 27 regions, he said, is ready to a gradual easing of restrictions due coronaviruses.

Artem Hirsch