Lena Miro has published a new controversial post in which he called Russian men “suckers”. The culprit was their reaction (in blogger’s opinion, inappropriate) on the photo previously posted to Instagram by Lena.

Miro has shared a photograph in stepankowsky image – grosgrain dress and heels, the style of the Victorian era. Hair 38-year-old brunette dismissed, on the neck – a long string of pearls. It is assumed that the did her husband, American photographer Richard pride.


BU 😘

Publish from Lena Miro (Elena Mironenko) (@lenamyro) 24 May 2020 at 7:18 PDT

Many fans miró enthusiastically praised the photo, calling Lena “goddess”, “Queen”, “elegant woman”, etc. But users are limited to monosyllabic simpler assessments: “this Niche”, “Duvalin”, “Go”, etc. They infuriated blogers.

“Those comments are not worthy of a separate post in my blog if I wasn’t a typical way of expressing sympathy to a woman by our men – angry Miro. – Yes, it is so awkward, netolko, clumsy – our ugly, for the most part, peasants compliment our cute, for the most part, women.”

According to Lena, such a simple and vulgar tackles in Russia “Fuckers climb to beautiful women.” And the last and happy, because, as the saying goes, do not eat nothing sweeter carrots.

In conclusion, the author called his countrymen “stupid, ugly redneck” and urged compatriots to get rid of the “suckers who don’t know how to treat women”.