Moscow. May 18. INTERFAX.RU — Among the Russians, switched to the remote mode of operation, almost one in four (24%) gained weight, according to the Research center portal submitted on Monday, “Interfax”.

the Study showed that the emaciated fellow citizens, transformed to “udalenka” turned out to be exactly the widow less (12%). Half (51%) for the period work-at-home not found any changes in body mass.

According to the survey, during the isolation gained weight unemployed, every fifth Russian (20%), lost 14% of unemployed citizens, 48% of disabled respondents retained their previous weight.

overall, during the period of isolation has gained weight, 17% of Russians, most on the extra kilos during this period, complaining women (21%), for the period of quarantine restrictions nature has put on weight 15% of men.

In turn, women who lost weight during isolation, were more than men — 10% vs 7%, respectively.

the Survey was conducted may 15-18 among 3000 respondents aged over 18 years, representing the economically active population of Russia, in 456 settlements in all Federal districts.