the Idea is to cancel the “Bank roaming” appeared at the beginning of 2019 and became law in mid-December. Today has expired semi-annual term of entry into force. The initiative was proposed to the government the Bank of Russia, the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS).

De facto, the savings Bank has removed the “Bank roaming” in the beginning of June. The Bank has cancelled the Commission for transfers within the Bank within the region and between the regions if they do not exceed 50 thousand rubles per month. The transfer fee in excess of this amount will be 1%, but not more than a thousand rubles. According to Sberbank, to limit transfers to 50 thousand rubles per month fit almost 90% of the Bank’s clients. For those who translate more, Sberbank introduced a system of subscriptions that can reduce transfer fees over the limit.

the Head of Sberbank German Gref has linked the process of the abolition of the “Bank roaming” and connecting to the system fast payments (SBP) launched in 2019 by the Bank of Russia. At the end of may the savings Bank has completed a full connection of customers to the SBP. Thus, through this channel clients of Sberbank are free to transfer up to 100 thousand rubles per month in other banks-participants of SBP and Vice versa. The service is available to customers in a mobile application “Sberbank Online” on iOS and Android platforms.

to use the transfer using SBP in the application of the savings Bank, must be first in your profile settings select the tab “treaties and Agreements”, it down to choose a connection to CBP and confirm your consent. Only after that transfers through faster payments will be available in the section “Payments”.