the Leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to introduce a standard salary throughout Russia.

the Politician noted the growing dissatisfaction with the high salaries in commercial structures and public corporations. Zhirinovsky proposed to raise the minimum wage to 30 thousand rubles per month.

“No salaries of million rubles a day. The President receives more than 700 thousand rubles, the deputies — not more than 500 thousand”, — said the leader of the liberal democratic party.

he also added that it is necessary to introduce a single tax on excess profits. These funds, according to him, it is possible to provide support of medicine and education so they become fully free.

Earlier in the state Duma proposed to introduce in Russia the minimum hourly wage and to pay workers 150 rubles per hour. The bill was sent to the government parliamentarians from the liberal democratic party. The authors explained that according to the minimum wage, the hourly rate is from 89,85 of the ruble in may to 65,92 of the ruble in July.

According to the document, the deliberate reduction by the employer of remuneration to the lowest bet, “pseudococaine” of the day, especially in the context of the epidemic, allows to obtain an unreasonably high profit, and also avoid the expense of payment of personal income tax and deductions to the social Fund. While a major part of the wages “paid in envelopes”.