The head of the Russian biotechnology company Biocad Dmitry Morozov said that the first series of vaccines against coronavirus may be worth 1500 rubles per shot. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

Morozov said that this amount is comparable to the cost premium of a flu vaccine or tick-borne encephalitis.

The drug you need to create very quickly. According to Morozova, all that is created in this mode are expensive, as there is no serial production and produced in small volumes.

“And then, as you increase the volume of production, we will reach the level of the price of a good influenza vaccine”, – said Morozov.

In Biocad, together with the Institute of experimental medicine creates a live vaccine based on the attenuated basis of influenza virus, in conjunction with the center “Vector” – a vaccine based on vesicular stomatitis.

I wrote “the Rambler”, the world health organization (who) has included in its list of promising vaccines against coronavirus nine Russian developments. Only for 23 April in the world has created 83 of the drug, 77 of them are on pre-clinical studies, and six have already begun to experience the people.

Russian health Minister Mikhail Murashko said that testing a Russian vaccine against the new coronavirus are showing encouraging results. In his opinion, Russian scholars will be able to go on a drug that will work.

However, the doctor of medical Sciences, the immunologist and virologist Vladislav Zhemchugov warned that guarantees to create the current vaccine is not. According to him, the vaccine will be able to create, if it is proved that after an illness of people formed long-lasting immunity.