Russia has started final stage clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus, which together are responsible for the national research center of Gamaliel and the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. This informs the war Department.

As it became known, testing began on June 18. Nine of the participants received one vaccine component, nine in the second. June 23 vaccine was introduced 20 volunteers, the group that tests the drug in a booster option they will later introduce a second component of the vaccine.

it is Noted that the first group of volunteers, relying on itself a vaccine, July 15 following the date follow-up tests will be discharged, they will go to places of service. At the moment, their condition is good the complaints about the health, adverse reactions or adverse events no say in the military.

the Second group of volunteers that test the efficacy and immunogenicity, July 13 will receive the second part of the vaccine COVID-19.

According to the defense Ministry, the obtained data indicate the formation of the volunteers the first and second groups of the immune response to the vaccine against the new coronavirus.

According to relevant data, in Russia the number of detected cases COVID-19 per day has increased by 6509 and reached 707 301. Most cases of coronavirus in the past day revealed in Moscow — 568, St. Petersburg — 292 and Sverdlovsk region — 276.

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