In Russia, it is planned to conduct an experiment on the placement of biometric data by Russians in a single personal data system, the corresponding project is being worked out in the Ministry of Finance.

The experiment is planned to be conducted from October 1, 2021 to October 1, 2022, biometric data will be placed in a single personal data information system that provides processing, including the collection and storage of biometric personal data, TASS reports with reference to the project.

The database will check and transmit information about the degree of compliance with the provided biometric personal data of an individual, “using a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet computer, as well as the use of the specified system by state bodies, banks and other organizations using the specified biometric personal data when providing individual services.”

The ministry explained that citizens who have independently registered in the application and have passed the procedure for submitting two types of biometrics – voices and faces, will have access to a large list of digital services in government agencies, banks and other organizations.