In some countries of the region penitentiary facilities are overcrowded by more than 300%

In the prisons of Latin America, a wave of riots due the lack of security measures in a pandemic. The UN urged countries to ensure the protection of prisoners, but the problem remains unsolved. As told “Izvestia” a human rights organization in Argentina, the revolt did not significantly changed the situation, however, of the 14 thousand prisoners 2 thousand already sent to house arrest. An Amnesty for people with chronic diseases are not all States of the region, in El Salvador does lock them into quarantine, mixing bandits in the different groups, which can lead to this massacre.

With the advent of COVID-19 in Latin America, the crisis has affected and prisons, many of which are overcrowded by nearly 300%, according to statistics from the International centre for prison studies.

From the lack of conditions for the fight against the pandemic, the inmates of Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil and perpetrated the riots. May 1, in a Venezuelan prison Los Llanos by the mutiny of 47 prisoners were killed, 68 were injured.

According to the investigation, the discontent of the prisoners was due to the fact that due epidemic their relatives were forbidden to bring any food. Meanwhile, in the Brazilian prison são Paulo food of the prisoners depends entirely on that send the members of their families. Soon the Director and five staff members Los Llanos charges were filed.

the UN high Commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet called on to investigate the disturbance. However, until now it has not had success. May 21, the inter-American Commission on human rights (IACHR) once again turned to Venezuela with a similar request.

— the Situation in prisons in General, during a pandemic a major concern of our office, the high Commissioner urged the government to promptly work on reducing the number of inmates, — has declared “news” the official representative of the Council on human rights UN Elizabeth Trussel.

She also noted that special attention was paid to the question of the transfer to house arrest of pregnant women, minors, prisoners, and people with disabilities.

— Here we sleep on each other, — said the prisoner one of Colombian prisons to local journalist.

at the beginning of may there were over 800 cases of infection in 1750 inhabitants. While prisoners live 10 people in a room with an area of three square meters.

At last count, in the prisons of Honduras, designed for a little more than 10 thousand prisoners, there are almost 22 thousand people. In “Esperanza” (Spanish for “Hope”), inmates do not have basic hygiene.

As noted in The Washington Post, some prisons in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia are overcrowded by more than 300%. In Colombia and Peru, authorities announced the Amnesty in Brazil, people over 60 years of age was placed under house arrest, but in other States the situation is even more acute.

El Salvador is one of the most criminal States in the world. In 2015 the murder rate in the country amounted to 104 per 100 thousand people. It was there that originated the fastest growing street gang Central and North America, MS-13, or “brigade of the Salvadoran army ant”. Prison of this state Packed to capacity.

Employees are forced to wear balaclavas so their faces remained in the memory of criminals willing to do anything for revenge.

According to the authorities, at the end of April due the lack of measures to contain the epidemic in the colonies, the criminals gave the team the who is on the loose. In the end, El Salvador had a record number of murders since coming to power Naya Boekel. And he “retaliated” all, without exception, the prisoners. Historically, gangs of El Salvador, sit in on groups, but on 24 April, the President announced the cancellation of this rule.

— If someone had told me six months ago that in one overcrowded cell to sleep, the enemies of all life, I would not have believed. I doubt there’s any guarantee that will not happen massacre, which will surprise the international press, the number of deaths in one night — said in an interview with El Periodico retired member of the gang MS-13.

the next day, the photo planted closely (despite the risk of infection) in their underwear and masks prisoners of El Salvador has blasted the international press.

— the Government not only did not listen to the recommendations of international bodies on human rights, but even criminalize them, — told “Izvestia” the representative of the Institute on human rights in El Salvador (IDHUCA) Arnau of Baulenas.

the judge said: authorities believe, allegedly for gang allies in the international human rights organizations that shows disrespect to these institutions and their work.

Soon it may happen that due overcrowding and isolation people’s health will deteriorate as a consequence, we can expect high mortality, — said the source.

the question of amnesties in this country for logical reasons, but will not be adjusted and measures to prevent infection. No one knows what it could lead to the General population, when the visit is available again. At the time of may 22 in El Salvador 1640 confirmed infections, and in the column “new cases” flaunts “+0”.

Argentina went on to some relief after the mutiny, which happened April 24. The prisoners got out in the morning on the roof of the building with a burning mattress��mi for the same reason — poor conditions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, suffered 11 employees of the correctional institution. However, this has not prevented the authorities to start talks and eventually put under house arrest some prisoners.

— details of many prisons available, but at the Federal level after the Declaration of emergency in the area of health, the number of prisoners decreased by approximately 2 thousand., from 14 to 12 thousand., — has declared “news” press-Secretary the National Prosecutor’s office for supervision over the penitentiary institutions of Argentina (PPN) Christian Testi.

the Only measure adopted by the government, had to replace jail time house arrest. And even this was rather a reason for political division. Right Senator Felicitas Bekkar Varela accused the government of wanting to implement the “strategic plan”, providing for the presence of the prisoners on the streets for the expropriation of capital and the nationalization of the companies.

— the Key takeaway from the situation in prisons in Latin America, is that before the pandemic it was all very bad, but COVID-19 turned them into a time bomb, said in an interview with “Izvestiya” Elizabeth Trussel.

She also added that recently the head of the South American office of the Council on human rights the UN held a joint session with the inter-American Commission on human rights. Participants stressed that what is at stake is the life of not only prisoners but also prison staff, their families, and the success of the whole society in the face of the pandemic.

Maria Vasilyeva